What Everyone Forgot About Online Flash Games

Playing flash games is still the best way to kill some time. These small games are convenient to play even at work. You do not have to worry about closing applications, installing anything or downloading the game itself. When required, you can always pause the game, minimize the browser or switch to a different browser tab. For this reason, flash games are extremely popular to play at school or the office.

The biggest contributor to their popularity has been tower defense games. Flash games need to have simple mechanics and do not focus on graphics quality. Tower defense games were very easy to design for small developers. Everyone remembers playing tower defense games at work even in the era before broadband internet. People used to share flash games over email and tower defense games were the most popular. These small strategy games were very easy to get into, did not require you to use too many keys to play and could be enjoyed just with the mouse. Over time they gained complexity and became more challenging. Some online flash TD games take hundreds of hours to finish and have high difficulty ratings. The most successful ones became mobile games as well. Even today, the most popular online flash games are tower defense games.

Surely, there are many more genres of flash games available to play. You do not have to be a fan of strategy games to play flash games. What is important to note is that flash games helped develop the TD genre and gave birth to some amazing titles. Many small creators tested their creativity and skill by developing new TD games. Today, there are thousands of online flash games that feature challenging TD mechanics and rather decent graphics. There are a plethora of options to choose from. The only requirement is for you to have some time to kill and explore some new online flash games.