How To Play SWF Flash Games On Android

The best way to play any SWF flash game on the Android platform is to first go into the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet, in the search bar at the top, type in Adobe AIR and tap on search, once the search is finished, tap on the Green install button and let it finish installing Adobe AIR.

Now tap on the back arrow to go back and in the search bar at the top where you search for Adobe AIR. Instead of search for Adobe AIR, this time you will need to search for SWF player. After the search is finished, tap on the Green Install button to install the SWF player. After the SWF player installation is done, open a browser, go to and search for all of the Flash Games with the extension SWF, once you have found the flash game that is available for download, go ahead and download it.

Once the download is finished, find the File Manager app on your Android device and if your Android device do not have a file manager app, it is recommended that you download the ES File Manager from the play store. Once the ES File Manager has been installed you can go ahead and tap on it to launch the app and abe able to browse files on the Android device. Now look for the Download directory which is also under Internal Storage and tap on it. Once you are in the Download directory the game you downloaded can now be run by tapping on it.

After you have tapped on the file, the Android device will prompt you a window that says Allow SWF Player free to access photos, media and file on your device?, tap on Allow and you will be able to play the Flash Games you downloaded. This can be done for all of the Flash Games just as long as the flash file has the SWF extension behind the name.