Escape with Fireboy and Watergirl

If you are looking to escape the world for a few minutes, try helping Fireboy and Watergirl escape the many different levels. The brother and sister pair are the main characters and in these series of games that are taking the gaming world by storm. The uniqueness of the characters is their ability to move through certain areas without getting in any danger of dying. 

Fireboy and Watergirl can move through the elements that are close to the way they designed and the gist is pretty simple. Fireboy can move through lava without any harm and Watergirl can move through water without any harm. If you try and pass water with Fireboy, you will not be able to and if you try and pass through lava with Watergirl, you will not be able to. Both players are able to be controlled at the same time by the user and the objective of the game is to clear levels by solving clues to get out of the different rooms. 

The game has grown in popularity and now has 5 installments, that follow the duo into various areas that they are trapped in and have to use teamwork and intelligence to fix. The challenges are plentiful and the prizes are amazing as you navigate towards freedom with the two elements.

The first game is centered around the two characters going through various traps and defenses set up to put out the elements. Your job is to make it through the game without either one of the two deaths. If you need to collect additional stars, then use the right element for the right condition, meaning, if you need more stars from the water use Watergirl and if you need more stars from inside of the lava, use Fireboy.

The second game is featured inside of a castle of light. The two are trapped in this huge castle with a bunch of traps to keep them put. There is no time to figure out the culprit because time is ticking and you have to get out. Using all of the tools you have available at your disposal, it is up to you to use each player to their full advantage to escape the castle of light.

The third game finds the brother-sister pair trapped inside a castle of ice. The premise is the same and always remember there is no place where the two can not navigate to if they work together. The difficulty level has increased so be sharp and maybe you can get them out.

The fourth game finds the two in a crystal castle with more challenges and more bonus crystals to win the game. The design of the environment is new and the tasks are more insane than ever but with strategy and teamwork, you can help the pair find their way out of the castle. 

The fifth game is held in the mysterious forest and the two have to find their way out from there. 

This is a great game for people of all ages.